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The rest of the cabinet began arriving, and they spoke amongst themselves in the Camarvan and agreed that what they were doing was right and would work. The Green Festival After their meeting, the L'Manberg cabinet gathered at the podium, where Tubbo gathered everyone and gave a brief speech about his desire for everyone to band together as a community and have some fun. The group started playing several rounds of ring toss, which consisted of an ice playing field and a button set in a location as a goal. Players were instructed to throw different color-coded objects into the "ring", and whoever got closest would win the prize of a cookie. Punz won the game several times, much to the surprise and exclamation of the other players. While the others played happily, Quackity pulled Tubbo to the side, beginning to worry about Dream having not shown up yet. Tubbo reassured him and himself that Dream said he'd be there after it started, albeit late, and without armor, their plan would still be underway. Note: This administration was very different from the other two L'Manberg administrations and the country under it is covered in the page Manberg. Tubbo Administration The Tubbo Administration was the third and final administration of L'Manberg and it was under the rule of Tubbo and his cabinet. This period started after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War and ended with the country's final dissolution after the Doomsday War. Citizens Tubbo - President Fundy - Secretary of State (traitor) Karl Jacobs - Creative Head Director/Vice-Vice-President Ranboo - Minutes-man (traitor) Ghostbur Quackity - Former Vice President, resigned Niki - Traitor Tommy - Former Vice President (formerly exiled) Former citizens Schlatt - Former President/Emperor/Dictator Wilbur - Former President, traitor, died after detonating L'Manberg Eret - Traitor, became king of Dream SMP Jack Manifold - Left to create Manifold Land George - Former Vice-President, became King of the Dream Smp Philza - Escaped from house arrest, became a L'Manberg fugitive along with Technoblade Geography Territory L'Manberg at the beginning was rather small, enclosed by thick blackstone walls in around a 3 by 3 chunk area with a small outpost that belonged to TommyInnit. To counteract this, Wilbur called over Fundy and framed Sapnap, claiming that he was a drug addict. Sapnap in turn tried to convince Fundy of the truth, which was that Wilbur and Tommy were collecting drugs for their own gain. Fundy found out the truth but secretly joined Wilbur nevertheless. Ponk later came over asking for hot dogs, while Sapnap and Purpled rushed the Camarvan in order to find out about the drug brewing. They even tried to arrest Wilbur, however, Wilbur disconnected from the server. Sapnap then attempted to arrest Tommy in the Courthouse, playing the role of a cop. Meanwhile, Purpled discovered Wilbur trying to brew potions in his UFO to break out Tommy, which he swiftly intercepted. Unofical Dream SMP Pact- around half of Dream SMP's citizens, including high ranking members like Eret and Punz(spy for Dream), fought to defend L'Manberg during the doomsday war. Formation Drug empire On July 24, 2020, Wilbur Soot joined the Dream SMP server and attempted to begin a drug empire (with potions). [13] Wilbur initially met with TommyInnit and showed him the Camarvan, in which they produced drugs, parodying the TV show Breaking Bad. [14] Later, the two obtained blaze rods from Tubbo after telling him that blaze rods caused diarrhea. Tubbo and Sapnap became suspicious and followed them to the Camarvan where they found the 'drug lab' and attempted to arrest them. What does it mean when you dream about being in another Hmmm interesting dream, to see yourself in another country in a dream indicates that the dreamer is quick-minded, versatile, and very expressive. A foreign land ... Transcript of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech Jan 18, 2010 — NPR's Talk of the Nation aired the speech in 2010 — listen to that broadcast at the audio link above. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil ... Both spellings are valid, according to Wilbur. [10] However, L'Manberg is the more commonly used one. Administrations Soot Administration The Soot Administration was the first Administration of L'Manberg, ruled by Wilbur Soot with TommyInnit as his vice president. This period lasted from the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War to the L'Manberg Elections. Jschlatt Administration The Schlatt Administration was the second of Administration of L'Manberg and was under the rule of Jschlatt. This period lasted from the end of the L'Manberg Election to the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. After Technoblade attacked L'Manberg in accordance with his anarchist beliefs, and Wilbur detonated L'Manberg as a traitor to the nation, L'Manberg once again became politically unstable. Out of fear of further antagonizing Technoblade, L'Manberg under the Tubbo Administration was organized as a democratic collective. As peace and prosperity returned, the nation transitioned into a parliamentary democracy, with its citizens having the right to hold and vote for parliamentary positions. On January 5, 2021, Dream and Technoblade declared formal war on L'Manberg. The next day, several former L'Manberg citizens decided to assist the nation while some citizens decided to defect from the nation and sabotage its war efforts. Wilbur held a speech declaring that they would rather die than give up their independence. Robbed of their best armor and weapons, the L'Manberg Army was at a low point. Wilbur asked to convene with Dream, in which he asked for peace and emancipation. Dream in return asks for "white flags" signally surrender. Dream claims that if his demands were not met in 30 minutes he will blow up L'Manberg. Wilbur claimed he was bluffing, so they both returned to L'Manberg where they stood in solidarity as Dream and George ignited a single TNT. Dream ignited the TNT, which triggered a trap that had been set underneath L'Manberg. Large amounts of hidden TNT underneath the ground were detonated, forcing the L'Manbergians to flee to a small obsidian room Tommy had secretly built underneath L'Manberg. Wilbur decided that they would surrender, and he and Tommy met Dream for peace negotiations. How to Watch the Wings vs. Dream Playoffs Game 7 hours ago — Get live streaming info, TV channel, game time, and head-to-head stats for the Dallas Wings vs. Atlanta Dream WNBA Playoffs Round 1 Game 2 ... Niki (Nihachu) also joined the server and was welcomed by Wilbur and Tommy who gave her a tour. She also became good friends with Eret, despite the others trying to convince her he was a traitor. To celebrate his promotion as king of the Dream Team SMP server, Eret built a large tower, the tallest in the entire server. Tommy, Jack and Fundy all expressed their annoyance with the tower, as it blocked the view of the sunset from within L'Manberg's borders. 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